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Mistress Genevieve
(312) 217-0731
Downtown Chicago

September 17th, 2014

My Owner you have completely conquered, captured, molded and reprogrammed your slaves mind, body, emotions and soul and I know that my Owner will never release the tight vise like extremely possessive grip of her Ownership over her lowly slave, my previous vanilla life has become a blur of what once was. I have become completely dependent on my Owner and am your prisoner and bound to you forever and my peace comes from bowing to your ownership and possession.. During all of my interactions with my Owner I am caged in cold steel chastity and extremely tight nipple clamps for the purpose of pleasing my Owner and reinforcing the fact that my body exists solely for my Owners pleasure. When I hear the lock snap on my chastity device it is like and out of body experience as I am immediately at the mercy of my Owner.

Your slave knows that my Owner has absolutely no interest in my point of view and I am devoid of making any decisions or choices and my demeanor is now one of complete emasculation, subservience, servitude and strict obedience. I now fully understand and embrace the fact that pain and pleasure are intertwined and are one and the same and realize that my entire existence evolves and is focused on proving myself worthy and providing my Owner with pleasure and happiness in any and every way imaginable. Weather I am on public display for purposes of humiliation or at the lair I always project the proper attitude befitting the slave that I have become and I never question my Owners commands and follow blindly down the path of my Owners desires, any pleasure which I feel is solely derived from the pleasure I provide to my Owner.

I routinely review the website pictures, contract and sentiments which take me deeper under my Owners spell and also which helps to keep me completely focused on my life of slavery and devotion to my Harsh, Commanding, Caring, Beautiful Owner. I can see in my Owners eyes and also in her demeanor that she derives great pleasure from her slaves accelerated development, which is and ongoing never ending process. I do not care about my satisfaction, and again I must reiterate that my peace and happiness comes from bowing to your ownership and total possession.

In my minds eye I see my owners pleasure, eyes, face, lipstick, long hair and rhinestones as she torments and turns my elongated nipples into her tools for submission, my pole cage is my badge of her ownership and absolute control. I desire to be locked in submission and chastity for long periods while the only key is in my Owners possession and placed around her neck. I am only allowed to sit while voiding for my owner, and I have completely surrendered my masculinity for my Owners control, desire and safe keeping. I relish and embrace the fact that my Owner keeps me in extremely strict bondage while she degrades, humiliates, torments, tortures, teases,and forces me to consume her golden nectar all with a devious pleasing smile on her face, I could go on and on however it is truly difficult to fully articulate the joy and elation I feel being Owned and a slave to my Owner. One thing that I must practice is my tone of voice, my Owner however has partially rectified that issue by forcing me to wear a gag which allows me to speak but forces my tone of voice to become softer, she also reinforces this by harshly slapping my face when I do error. I do know that I will always be a work in progress.

I yearn for my Owner to place the new heavy cold steel collar around my neck for all to observe her Ownership over her slave, I will wear it with the utmost pride.

I want everyone to know that I work very hard and without hesitation at making my owner proud of her acquisition. I do embrace the several layers or coils of defacing chain around my neck, which allows my owner to create the humiliation she enjoys with her slave. I do see the restrictive chains as a further dive into my complete transformation to a groveling and begging toy and slave. In closing I have written a mantra for my Divine Owner and I will await her approval.

I kneel, supplicant before you my Owner, my will offered up in quiet acquiescence awaiting your approval or reproach, the fine line between pleasure and pain becomes ever sweeter with your absolute control with every touch, command, smoldering embers are kindled tormenting desires awakened. I quiver captured by heat and hunger, bend me to your will My Owner show me and teach me what you most desire, my purpose is but to serve through your dominion.You, the Owner of my body, emotions, mind and soul are treasured above all.

your lowly emasculated slave in waiting

April 4th, 2014

My Dear Owner;

As I write this testimonial I am wearing a chastity cage, earrings, plug, hood, bracelets and severe nipple clamps in honor of my owner. I know and have known for a very long time that I am your loyal devoted dedicated property and slave for life and I also realize that I exist solely for your pleasure and happiness, you are in full control of my body, mind and sexuality. My knees are used only for the purpose of kneeling in front of you as I beg and drool for your attention and acceptance and I know that when you punish me harshly the pain which I feel is for your pleasure.

I also realize that being collared and caged is a symbol and extension of the control which you have over your humbled property and I realize that I have no ability or desire to resist your dominance and ownership.

Under your control my opinions and wishes are irrelevant to your discipline and desires and I will continue to strive harder to please you in any and every way you desire.

When I am not in your presence I wear my chastity cage with pride on a routine basis and torture my nipples with harsh clamps knowing that this is what you expect and demand of me. I am so very happy to be bound by you in ropes as you torment, tease and humiliate me, I am also pleased that you have taught me to clean your toilet with my tongue and understand that this is but only one of my many duties. I beg you to take me further on our journey and promise to never disappoint you in any fashion. And my owner I thank you for teaching me that there is no line drawn between pain and pleasure.

My owner I do feel the emotional state of continuous bondage and I desire to be totally consumed and enslaved by my owners wants, needs, and desires. I will always live up to our contractual agreement and look forward to any amendments which you may incorporate.

I am grateful that You are such a caring harsh owner and beg you to always treat me harshly knowing that I have no power to use safe words and am at your mercy forever.

I also know that very soon you will put me through my paces in front of another woman and I am delighted to be able to show my full devotion to you while she watches.

"the property"

August 13th, 2013

To my Owner Ms.Genevieve:

True submission is something that comes from deep within me and is now an essential part of my nature all due to my Owner. It is something expressed from my soul and as such, it goes much deeper than the mere physical act of offering myself to my Owner for her pleasure. A person can behave in a submissive manner but this is not the same as being "a submissive."

I offer myself completely and utterly to my Owner, and to surrender all choices and "power" requires and exceptional inner strength. High self esteem and a knowledge that in order to relinquish full and complete power to my Owner i must possess and understand my own inner power.

Embracing and expressing my submissive nature has given me the most powerful opportunities to find the deepest levels of trust, power and the intimacy that can only arise from the bond between my Owner and myself. It is the ultimate expression of balance, the archetypal opposition of yin (the receptive principle) and yang (the active principle). Both sides being perfectly equal, yet forming a perfect whole. Mutually inter-dependent upon the other.

As my Owners Property, my goals are to come before my Owner as an empty chalice to be filled ... or a black canvas to be painted ... formless clay waiting to be molded. Thru this exchange, i know that i will become more than i was before ... my Owner takes the raw material, or the blank canvas or the raw gemstone and brings out the inner lustre. In this experience, what many misinterpret is that they assume that my Owner imposes her will upon me and I becomes whatever She wants me to be. i would disagree ... to me, my Owner brings out the qualities of submssion in a more pronounced way. Rather then being always told to "act" in a submissive way, i have learned that it is my role to remove the veils until who I am becomes the perfect reflection of devoted service. And in serving my Owner, i find an inner joy and balance that comes from knowing that with each veil removed, each boundary crossed, i become MORE of who and what i already am.

When i feel, hear and see my Owners pride in me, i know that i am elevated and adored above all men. i have truly given the gift of my soul to her and in that exchange She becomes as bound to me as i am to Her. That is the beauty of submission to me. There is a dynamic that exists where the more my Owner asks of me, the more i am able to give, and then the deeper our bond becomes. It grows exponentially. The perfect yin/yang of the Owner being that active principle in the TAKING and me the property being the receptive in the GIVING.

My submission is expressed in many ways: on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Without all of those levels, again, it becomes merely a empty act. There is a sacredness to submission as well for me. Like prayer or other acts of devotion, it is living my life with an intention and focus that always strives for the highest, purest expression. Putting my Owners needs first ... always searching within for ways to please and offer more of myself than i think i can. It is this going beyond and pushing limits that becomes the most important reward of submission for me ... the place of empowerment and self knowledge and the resulting inner strength/transformation. It is also dancing with the inner shadowself ... the parts of me that are about fear and being taken on the journey by someone (my Owner) who will be there to catch me so that i am never really falling.

The most special part of submission for me is the level of intimacy and soul connection with my Owner. Each veil that is removed, each boundary crossed, each lash accepted and begged for, each time that i am being taken to the outermost regions of letting go of control ... all of this is the glue that binds my Owner and Her property completely to one another. To become completely naked and vulnerable on every level, then give more than i think i can and see the pride, love and devotion in my Owners eyes is the greatest gift imaginable.

I am completely devoted to serving all of my Owners wants and needs and have signed a contractual agreement reflecting my desire to please her in any and all ways possible.

I look forward to the day that my Owner shows me off in the presense of another female, which will allow me to show another person just how completely devoted i am to my beautiful, kind,strict commanding Owner.

"the property"

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