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The Goddess is currently not accepting new submissives, and is solely devoted to cultivating and training her personnal property, which is a work in progress.



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Mistress Genevieve
(312) 217-0731
Downtown Chicago
For me, domination is not a lifestyle but a liaison. A clandestine time and space where I am able to allow the compartmentalized dark erotic facet of myself to roam free.
I use only those who have a desire to become initiates into my secret realm. This is a place where my laws, desires and wishes prevail.

Here eroticism is bound up with power and femininity. I dominate men because it is my innate power to seduce, tease, manipulate and to Deny.

The scent that exudes from my feminine power is irresistible to men, it intoxicates and turns them into faithful, obedient, Deployable Agents of the Goddess.

It is thrilling to have a slave so intricately bound by my ropes that he cannot move, even to breathe he is at my mercy. Now I can torment freely until he begs - yet still I ignore.

I can use or discard the slave once I am satisfied or otherwise bored.

To hood and collar the slave is to take away his last sense of self - his face is gone, covered and he is forced to rely on his remaining senses.

He becomes a creature at the end of my chain, no longer anything other than that which I wish him to become.

I will change his identity and torment him by which ever means are required until he is broken to my will.
He no longer remembers his life while in my presence, it slowly becomes a blur.

He jumps when I snap my fingers, such a Pavlovian success story.

His training has been long and arduous and has made him into my ideal. Indoctrinated into my law with painful remonstrations that have seeped into his very psyche, he no longer thinks but obeys.

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