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Mistress Genevieve
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September 17th, 2014

My emasculated groveling mindless slave has completely embraced his life in slavery and understands that I have totally ensnared him and woven him permanently into my web of  Ownership, eroticism, power and control, he has no power to resist, no rights,no free will, no choices and the only power which he has is that which I alone may or may not periodically permit him to have...I have and will forever attach myself to my slave like a leach feeding off the last remnants of my slaves evaporating manhood..My slave will live in complete servitude to his Owner for the rest of our lives and beyond...I am a part of him and my control and power course through his veins, you my slave are bound to your Owner forever, I have embedded myself in your conscious and subconscious and your thoughts are constantly centered around bringing your Owner pleasure and happiness in any and all ways imaginable without question or hesitation...Your fate is hear-by sealed.

My slave I want you to digest what I am articulating in this testimonial and you are to refer to this testimonial as a guide into your new found life as my life long slave...I want to publicly commend you for having completely embraced the fact that you are my property in every sense of the word and as this website reflects you are bound to your Owner by a contract and as you are very aware our commitment to each other goes far beyond the content of the contract.

First and foremost, your slavery hinges upon a commitment to absolute obedience. You my slave do not and will not ever revisit issues such as "should I submit to my Owner?" or "How do I feel about that? Will I say yes or no?"  Will I question my Owner ? Who was I prior to being Owned ? When your Owner issues an order, whether or not you my slave agree with it or not, you my slave will be obedient in the same manner that a soldier is who has enlisted in the Army. (That military analogy is one of several I believe holds very true for the power exchange dynamics of our relationship.

Secondly, in (non-consensual) slavery my slaves freedom and control of your emotions, body and sexuality were taken and stripped away by your Owner as completely as is humanly possible and this methodical process which I have embarked on long ago in my layering process has accelerated and will never end. This also means not only a higher degree of obedience is expected, but that there is actually a chattel property context in our relationship.

Slavery as I use it here, has a distinctive character. It is a narrowly defined construct with fairly specific meaning at its core. You my slave who are and will always be my absolute property, will offer absolute obedience across the board, even potentially to the point of being sold, I used the word sold just to make a point and as you know I am an extremely POSSESSIVE OWNER and would never sell you literally, not to say that I wont force you to interact with another submissive or Dominant female should the desire arise and of course this would only occur under my direct supervision.

Recently you were forced to exhibit your undying devotion toward your Owner while in the presence of another female dominant and also in the presence of a female submissive, I was extremely proud of your efforts, but do realize my slave that I will expect much more effort in the future..I must admit that your show of devotion was very profound when the female novice submissive was present, in fact I do believe that the novice actually learned many things by observing your behavior, which I expect her to apply should I allow her to return to the lair. I very much enjoyed having you both dressed in corsets, garter belts, stockings, heels, gloves, rhinestone bracelets and earrings and most of all I found great pleasure having youhooded and encased and bound in several pounds of heavy chains and cleaning my toilet with your tongue while under my watchful eye...I also found it very pleasing that my slaves nipples are much more elongated than the submissive novice who is a mother of several children, my slave you do realize that over time your nipples will be at the very least an inch long if not longer and the followers of our postings and pictures will be able to observe the changes I am making to my slaves body..

In regards to your Owners desire to BRAND you, you will be branded in an impersonal, perfunctorily way such as would be done to cattle. Even though you will feel the pain of the brand intensely in a physical way, the brand will be felt much more intensely and more profoundly psychologically, the brand in and of itself will radically transform your self image, and your personality which in essence reinforces the fact that you are not permitted your own free will and that you are without rights or choices at the bidding of your Owner. Remember that the brand will be extremely tiny and placed in a very discreet place which would even be difficult if not impossible for even a Doctor to see.

The heavy steel collar that will soon be entrusted to you my slave will carry the name of your Owner. Your behavior can and will determine the weight, type (or permanence) of the collar you wear . When you my slave are in my presence weather it be in public or private you will wear your collar as it visibly designates you as my slave for all to see that you are Owned by me.

My objectification of you when you are hooded my slave involves the act of disregarding your personal and intellectual abilities and reducing you to that of a faceless instrument for my sole pleasure and happiness.

One of your many duties are to continuously review your slave contract, pictures and testimonials, and I want you to remember that I am always programming my slave with and without your awareness, and further that you are my faceless, drooling, begging slave who will always remain in continuous physical and emotional bondage for your Owners delight, pleasure and amusement...

I expect you to wear your heavy steel chastity pole cage device, and severe nipple clamps on a routine basis weather you are in my presence or away from me, as the cage and clamps are only a few of the many symbols of the absolute control I wield over my slaves mind, body and emotions, and reinforces my constant presence in your life and strengthens our unbreakable bond.

Whenever your Owner summons you to the lair which by the way will become much more frequent you will enter the building through the rear slave entrance, and upon entering the lair I will expect you to arrive wearing your cold steel pole cage sans underwear, nipple clamps, and rhinestone bracelets under your street clothing. You then will always remain silent and cast your eyes downward as you disrobe and put away your clothing in a tidy fashion, once you have removed your clothing you will crawl to your Owners throne verbally express your undying devotion and present your Owner with the key to my pole cage for safe keeping. I will then collar and lock you in your new heavy steel collar and lead you to the bathroom where you will clean your Owners toilet with your tongue, once you have completed your mandatory task I will allow you to lap up your Owners nectar from a bowl placed on the floor. You will then be gagged and placed in extremely restrictive bondage in preparation of your Owner teasing, torturing, emasculation, degradation of your male ego and utilizing you for my pleasure in any and all ways I desire, bar none. As you well know my desire to take you deeper into my world is escalating by the day, so prepare my slave for the endless journey ahead, and remember that your past vanilla world no longer exists and there is no turning back.

Your Caring Commanding Extremely Harsh Life Long Owner

March 18th, 2014

My property at this point and time has few to no rights nor does he have the luxury of ever saying no to me. He now has few limits of his own and will always accept and adopt his Owners boundaries, rules, requirements and commands. My property has been slowly and methodically broken both physically and mentally over time in what I refer to as a layering process or as some would refer to as brainwashing, and has been almost completely molded, stripped of his masculinity and rebuilt to his Owners specifications albeit a long ongoing process, and yes, I as the Owner will and can do as I see fit in all regards to my slaves progressive training. My property has limited control of his time, mind and body all of which now belong to me. He lives and exists only to serve and please his Owner in any fashion I see fit.

My property understands that he will serve, obey and submit, or face punishment. My property is required to wear a locked chastity device on a daily basis and to keep his nipples clamped for prolonged periods of time when he is not under my direct control, in addition he is required to practice with a plug. Once my property consented and accepted his Owners collar and entered into a contractual agreement, he lost his freedom and became my sole lifelong property.

My property has learned that slavery is not about the slave but that it is all centered around bringing his owner happiness and pleasure and that this is absolute and unconditional, any pleasure my property feels is solely derived by pleasing me.

I must admit that my property has fully embraced his new lifestyle gracefully with only slight resistance and is fully prepared for the journeys that await him on the path which I have created. I could never have dreamed of owning such a willing devoted slave.

I am thoroughly pleased and proud of the fact that I have broken such a very powerful man and turned him into a groveling, whining, begging toy for my amusement and pleasure, and to his credit my property is intelligent enough to be able to compartmentalize his life, although I am always on his mind and he is fully devoted to me and always cares for his Owners wants and needs.

On a final note my property will soon be forced to be put through his paces while in the presence of other females so that he can prove his absolute devotion to me while he is bound, hooded, gagged, humiliated, slapped, violated, dressed in a corset, heels, stockings, earrings, rhinestone bracelets and forced to clean the toilet with his tongue all in my honor. I will be taking many more pictures of my property to share with my online followers.

May 24th, 2013

The real authority I wield over my dear submissive property is that I dictate control and manipulate power both physically and psychologically all for my sole pleasure.My properties pleasure is secondary and he only derives pleasure by pleasing me in any and all fashions bar none, which I alone dictate.

He has over time fully relinqueshed his power, sexuality and precieved control, mind you, he is and always will be a work in progress in and attempt to become the submissive I desire him to become. However his devotion to our relationship shows me that he will become the ideal submissive and the envy of all others.

Our relationship is considered by me to be a celebration of the ultimate power exchange which celebrates the feminine and masculine differences.

My property fully embraces the fact that he is trapped by the bondage of his lust to be solely owned by me,thus incarcerated within the walls of an inescapable cell with me alone holding the keys to his freedom and future.He also understands that there is no line between pain and pleasure and that they are one and the same.

For those of you whom understand the true essence of Female Domination and wish to revel in its intoxicating mystery, remember that the Owner must remain unattainable to a degree by her property. The celebration of femininity and the transferance of power from my property to me is what constitutes the true essence of our relationship.

My property understands that the sole purpose of relinqueshing all power to me is to subjugate his masculine ego so as to bring forth a transcendency of being beyond ones self and to serve me with with complete and total abandonment.

In the near future I will be presenting my property in the presense of other females with the purpose being to publicly humiliate my property and to have him prove his full devotion to me by being put through his paces.I will determine weather or not my property will be permitted to be controlled by others while under my direct supervision and watchful eye.

Just a little reminder to my property: I am fully devoted to our journey and as you know I am caring, however I know that I must be more commanding and much harsher with you so that I can completely mold you into my ideal submissive. You will embrace all my directives and commands without question.

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