The Goddess is currently not accepting new submissives, and is solely devoted to cultivating and training her personnal property, which is a work in progress.



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Mistress Genevieve
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Slaves Rules for Life

1. i will as a female lesbian slave blindly and without question serve, obey and please my Goddess for Life.

2. Above all else my primary focus shall be to please my Goddess, hoping that She finds me pleasing in all that I do, whether i am in Her presence or not. my Goddess knows of my potential, learning more about me each day i am with Her. She trusts and commands that i will act in accordance with what She perceives of my potential – She knows what is best for me and how important it is that i set a good example for other females who may be present around me.

3. i worship my Goddess and trust my Goddess.

4. i worship my Owners mind and body.

5. The power of my Owner fills me with awe. Just the sheer thought of Her or hearing of Her voice gives me strength, yet at the same time brings me to my knees and causes me to feel completely powerless.

6. To receive pleasure i must earn it, most importantly it is imperative that I provide happiness and pleasure to my Goddess as my pleasure is secondary to that of my Owners.

7. i worship my Owners whip and any implements She uses on my body.

8. i trust my Owner: Her responsibilities, Her skills, Her desires and needs, and Her concern for my safety, my emotional, psychological, social, sexual, and physical health.

9. i am nothing more than an object of great value – an instrument Goddess will use to draw out Her pleasures, desires, wants and needs...

10. i will ask my Owner for permission to satisfy whatever need i have before acting on it.

11. my body and mind are the property of my Goddess forever, that bond cant and never will be broken..

12. i must always give thanks to my Goddess for all i am given immediately after receiving what She has given me, for such things are gifts or privileges granted to me by my Goddess.

13. i must be both specific and explicit in my speech.

14. i will not hesitate when responding to my Goddess. my focus is important to my growth as and Owned slave..

15. i will thank my Goddess for the discipline and punishments I receive, specifying what i received and expressing the reason as to why i was given them.

16. i have no will of my own other than that which falls within the context of the rules i have selected and of that which is needed to pursue the ambitions i am allowed to seek out as according to the permissions i have received from my Goddess. i will report to Her my progress in such matters to receive Her favor or Her guidance in making whatever steps may be required to move ahead so that i am successful.

17. i am always in submission to my Goddess whether She is present or not, ready to please Her at anytime, in any place, under any circumstances, regardless of who may be present. For the opportunity to submit and to please is by far more important and satisfying than any other pursuit. i trust my Goddess will keep me safe, protecting Her reputation and mine in the presence of others, as She examines my ability to present myself to Her and to others in a subtle manner when required to protect our lifestyle from those who may not understand, nor support, as long as our behavior is not in anyway misrepresented nor misinterpreted by those who may be afar. i am to set, once again, a good example, ready to explain my position to others when required to do so. my lifestyle is a part of a growing culture for which i must never forget that i am an integral permanent part.

18. All my choices shall be based upon whether or not they will please my Goddess.

19. When i am not in the presence of my Goddess and i have choices to make – i will perform them to the best of my abilities and within the boundaries and guidance She has allowed me.

20. i shall wear the collar my Goddess gives me with pride for it signifies Her ownership of me and my devotion to Her.

21. i shall wear the chains my Goddess gives me as a symbol of my position in life – that of bondage to Her. i shall wear them, as required, around my neck, my wrists, my ankles or around my waist.

22. When Goddess is ready – i shall wear Her rings to signify my submission to Her – one pierced through each nipple of my breasts and one through my useless pussy pole.

23. my mouth shall only be referred to as a cunt for it will often be used as if it were a pussy.

24. my useless penis shall only be referred to as a pussy pole.

25. When the cock of my Goddess is put into my mouth and i am directed to suck it – i will do so vigorously as long as i am required to do so. my hands shall be placed on the tops of my thighs, behind my neck or held at the base of my back so that during the sucking i can use my whole body to display my hunger to my Goddess.

26. my useless male fluids must never go to waste – i will swallow all of it when Goddess orders (and be punished should I spill any of it from my lips), licking it up if any fluids spill on my hands or licking it off of a plate if my Goddess desires ,or onto the food she gives me which She may require of me to hold just under my useless pussy pole when I am forced to drain over it. In rare and privileged cases i may wear my useless male fluid on my body, sometimes after massaging it into my skin. Consuming my useless fluid is a gift from my Goddess and it is an honor to see the pleasure on my Owners face as I do so. The eating of my useless fluid will be counted as one of my meals for that day.

27. i worship my Owners cock, its head and its shaft, especially when it is hard or when i am given the opportunity to suck on it.

28. i will use my tongue as a cleaning tool, to clean my Owners toilet or her latex gown..i shall do so hungrily, being sure to clean every square inch and thanking my Goddess for the privilege...

29. i will never look into the eyes of my Goddess without her permission. To do so would be inappropriate of my position and doing so could be interpreted by Her that i am seeking Her attention or expecting Her to act – when such things are up to Her and to Her alone.

30. my head must be bowed down in the presence of my Goddess unless i am given permission to do so otherwise. i honor the position of my Goddess and it is important that i am not distracted in my submission to Her.

31. my eyes must be cast down in the presence of my Goddess unless i am given permission to do so otherwise. i am to focus on my behavior, waiting to act appropriately and without hesitation when directed to do so by my Goddess.

32. i must always wear revealing and sexy clothing of good taste around my Goddess unless given permission to do so otherwise. The clothing I wear will allow easy access to my pussy pole, vagina and breasts. The clothing will emphasize and often exaggerate my assets. i will wear such clothing in any kind of weather. How i present my body to Her or in front of others is more important than my discomfort and insecurities.

33. When others show an interest in what i am wearing i must ask them if they would like to see more and then gladly show them what they would like to see – but only after i have received permission from my Goddess – for i trust my Owners judgment that such a display is not only reasonable but is safe to do.

34. i must remove all of my clothing in the way i have been taught when Goddess commands of me to do so – regardless of who may be present and despite where it is i am – i trust my Goddess.

35. When i remove clothing from my body it must be folded neatly and placed in a small pile in front of me just ahead of my feet or my knees if i should be required to be in my kneeling position after unclothing myself.

36. my basic attire in the presence of my Goddess shall consist of a locked collar, hood, tight fitting feminine clothing, gloves, rhinestones and my highest heels. The rings of my submission, if i have been pierced, must also be attached to my body, as should the chains She has given or allowed me to wear. My Goddess will ultimately make the final decision as to what I will wear on any given occasion...

37. my legs, underarms, body and pussy pole must be kept completely shaved smooth and clean so that nothing of me is hidden from view.

38. Unless otherwise given permission – my hair must be kept hidden under a hood so as to not offend my Goddess with my pathetic masculine features.

39. Whenever i need to pick something up or receive something from someone else i must do so wherever possible by going into a kneeling position to show that i am honored to do so. i will perform this motion according to how Goddess has taught me.

40. my pussy pole and vagina must be thoroughly washed and of a good aroma at all times, if even perfumed, but especially before presenting myself at my Owners feet.

41. my “place” is on my knees before my Goddess, for it is a privilege and honor to be Her Owned female lesbian slave.

42. When in the presence of my Goddess, but not in use, i will go to the place She has selected until i am needed by Her.

43. my greatest felt satisfaction is realized when i know i have pleased my Goddess.

44. There can be no greater pain or suffering i can feel then when Goddess is not pleased with me. Naturally i will feel depressed, saddened, empty, and lost. i can only hope She will show Her mercy upon me and provide to me the guidance i will need to be put back on track so that i will be forgiven and once again be allowed Her eyes upon my flesh, Her touch upon my soul, and Her warmth and love upon my heart.

45. my submission is a natural inborn feeling, and at times a surging and powerful force inside me that only a respectable and knowledgeable Goddess such as my Goddess can recognize, control and manage, She understands how my nature influences my behavior and how temptations to act outside of its drive can easily lead me astray and away from my primary focus: to please and to be found pleasing. She, too, manages and controls Her Own natural state, sharing with me through a power exchange between us, bonding me tightly to Her, Her needs with mine. my submission to such a Goddess allows for me to feel more aware and alive inside and out, bringing me to a feeling i cherish: ‘at home’.

46. i fear no other power for my Goddess is always with me.

47. i will not hesitate in my obedience to my Goddess.

48. Whenever Goddess speaks, even when i am speaking, i am to immediately become silent so i may be able to listen intensely to what She has to say. i must never interrupt Her unless She has shown me how to communicate with Her, if i need to. i must ask first for Her permission to speak, specifying to whom i would like to speak to, and whether or not i may be allowed to speak freely – then and only then, if granted, may i say anything more than asking first to speak.

49. The opportunity to please my Goddess is very important to me and I will take every chance to seek out such opportunities to do so to the best of my abilities and in accordance to how i have been taught or allowed to do so.

50. I have no choice but to be treated as my Owners property and understand that I have no choice in these matters...

51. When Goddess feels i am ready and our relationship has progressed to a lifelong 24/7 commitment, i shall be specially prepared to receive Her unique and permanent mark of ownership upon my flesh, in a place of Her choosing, whether it be a piercing, a tattoo or a branding. Thereafter, i shall become Her property and slave in the most strict sense – completely Hers for Life.

52. i am my Owners greatest treasure.

53. i will learn all the positions my Goddess wants to teach me to the best of my abilities and will be prepared to take such positions when required and to display myself in a manner through them that She, and others who may be present, will find most pleasing.

54. i must never reach orgasm without explicit permission from my Goddess. Failure to receive properly asked for permission and i will endure the punishment Goddess will put upon me without my safeword. Such pleasure must be seen as a privilege and a pleasure for my Owner so that i do not take advantage of it.

55. The safeword given to me by my Goddess can be spoken at any time-even when i have been told to be silent. If i am not able to verbalize it – i trust my Goddess will show me how i can express it. Safewords are for my protection as well as for the Goddess. i must be careful not to take more than i can handle, as Goddess will need to know when to stop from getting carried away with Her own passions – so that i may be prepared over time to endure more for Her.

56. my safeword, verbal or otherwise, cannot be used when i am being punished. i must remember that punishment could never be very effective if i were able to control it – i must take it in full measure – so that i will focus on the correction of my behavior for the long term, for unlike discipline, punishment is not what i will want again. i should know better. However, safewords can be used when i am being disciplined Goddess will let me know which is which when the time has come that such treatment is necessary to correct my behavior.

57. i must confess to my Goddess when i have been naughty so that She may decide if such violations require me to be disciplined or to be punished. i must accept whatever decisions She makes by thanking Her for Her choice – if She allows it before or shortly thereafter, specifying as to why i will be or have been disciplined or punished. i must focus upon how sorry i am for not behaving in the way in which i have been taught- for i have brought defilement upon myself and to Goddess an unacceptable act which is displeasing to Her.

58. i realize my Goddess has only one slave and that she will never take on another slave, we are involved in and exclusive slave Owner relationship forever.

59. i must never be concerned when i feel too much of my flesh is showing, in private or in the general public – however, i can ask my Goddess for permission as to how to handle my discomfort.

60. i am a female slave – of worth and value to my Goddess .my role has been clearly brought into definition through my ability to recognize and to act accordingly with my true nature, enhanced through the teachings of my Goddess, and through the continued practice of my primary focus, and my search for every opportunity to do so.

61. my Goddess will decide what my sexual orientation shall be. i will commit myself to Her decision and perform as such only in her presence and only with Her permission. i know my performance will be measured and corrected as She sees fit should i be required to attend to, provide myself to, perform with, or upon another female Dominant.

62. i must tell my Goddess if i have had an orgasm without Her permission so that i can be properly punished for my disobedience and disrespect.

63. Pain and pleasure shall be with me always – in my thoughts and my fantasies – for the contrast strengthens me to behave in the manner my Goddess expects of me. Such thoughts and fantasies are tainted with the memories i have from the last time i was in the presence of my Goddess. She is with me always.

64. my limits do not have to be respected – i trust my Goddess to take me past them when She determines that i am ready – for each side of the wall of my limitations is both pleasurable and a challenge – one side more intense than the other. My only hope in such transferences is that Goddess will be able to take me there again and again as my relationship to Her progresses through time; that She too will need it as much as i will, and that She will not be afraid to increase the intensity while we are there.

65. i have much to learn in order to become a well-trained and well-behaved female lesbian slave.

66. i will endure whatever discipline or punishment my Goddess gives me so I can become a better female slave for Her.

67. i will work on building up my tolerances to the level my Goddess needs me to have, being careful not to push myself further or faster than i am ready to endure for Her, so that i may be able to expand my limitations and increase my value to Her.

68. Through discipline, humiliation and punishment i shall learn to behave.

69. In bondage i am made free.

70. i will never touch my breasts, nipples, pussy pole or vagina with my hands or sex toys in any manner where i could experience sexual or sensual pleasure without permission from my Goddess including washing them, shaving my pussy, adjusting my breasts as i fit them into clothing, or in attaching my rings.

71. Only through submission can i find my true self.

72. my life would be empty without my Goddess to please – that lost feeling inside can be real and it can grow. i may be able to step away from the hunger of my nature, but not for long, for soon it could effect every part of my life. It is important that I forever have my Goddess to please and serve..

73. i shall never think of myself as a weak person for it takes a strong female slave to commit to the drive inside me, to serve, to obey and to please my Goddess. .

74. i will give all that i am to my Goddess in order to become free.

75. i must never show disrespect towards my Goddess in any way – no matter where i am – in her presence or not.

76. Crying and the shedding of tears at any time is good and expected for it softens my will and bonds me closer to my Goddess.

77. Only in complete submission to my Goddess shall i realize the depth of the love and devotion I have for Her.

78. The needs of my Goddess must always come first before my own for they offer an opportunity to please Her.

79. i must be attentive to the needs of my Goddess and always be ready to respond to them to the best of my abilities and in the unique ways in which i have chosen and have developed for Her.

80. i am allowed to suggest ways to further my training or use of me, verbally or through a journal, as long as i address my Goddess properly first.

81. i must always respond fully both physically and verbally to whatever my Goddess does with me. The expressions of my emotions and my physical responses are important to Her. i must never hold back any part of their display, regardless of how intense they may be, unless restricted to do so.

82. i am a chaste lesbian female at al times, and only respond to my beloved Goddess.

83. i must always remember how pleased my Goddess is when others delight in my sexiness as a result of my ability to show off my assets.

84. my behavior must always display a sexual content however subtle.

85. The only clothing i will buy and wear will be those items which my Goddess would find pleasing to Her: Tightly fitting to my figure and its assets, of good quality, and appropriate in Her eyes and taste for the occasions i am allowed to attend with Her. i may ask if i may choose what to wear so i may be able to take an opportunity to surprise Her in order to win Her favor.

86. I will at all times, offer my body to my Goddess in hopes She will take pleasure in using it in whatever ways She wishes. my only hope will be that my offering will please Her. If not, i want Her to punish me in any way She sees fit.

87. It is important for me to eat plenty of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins in the foods and fluids i am permitted to choose to nourish my body and mind, and to exercise my body regularly, as permitted by my Goddess, to increase my physical strength, to keep my limbs as flexible as possible, and to maintain or improve my figure so i may be able to endure my Goddesses use of me however intense and for however long a period is required by Her. i want to be healthy and of sound mind and body, free as possible of any personal limitations, when pleasing my Goddess.

88. If i am required to be my Goddesses toilet, into or onto which She chooses to release Her prized nectar, i shall position myself to receive Her nectar by kneeling for Her, tilting my head back, opening my mouth wide, and closing my eyes so that She will delight in the display and offering of my body. swallowing all of the nectar She allows me. thanking my Goddess afterwards for allowing me the opportunity to honor Her in this most private way. My Goddess may also provide me with Her nectar from a chalice, or a dog bowl on the floor to lap up...

89. my female body must be available for Her use at all times.

90. If ever Goddess chooses my sexual orientation to that of being bisexual, and She requires of me to receive the watery juices of a chosen dominant females pussy, i am to position myself, to receive upon my flesh or into my mouth the females juices. Thereafter, i am to be thankful for what i have received and for the privilege Goddess allowed me. Such a feeding will be counted as one of my meals for the day.

91. If it is possible to practice wearing my feminine attire in my household I will do so. i will remove my useless male clothing immediately after entering my household putting my collar on first, dressing in my tightest feminine apparel, then my hood, gag, rhinestones , and my highest heels.

92. i will always sleep nude, or only in feminine panties – kneeling first before i enter my bed and kneeling first as soon as i get out of my bed – for it is a great privilege to have a bed to sleep on.

93. i must never tighten my body when it is being whipped, caned, cropped, slapped, paddled, belted, strapped, spanked, bullwhipped, signal whipped, or anally pumped. my Goddess likes it when my flesh jiggles and She knows that when i tighten my body it hurts more and inhibits my ability to display my expressions and emotions.

94. i am proud to wear upon my body the marks given to me by my Goddess. i know that my Goddess will never mark me permanently – other than the mark of Her ownership She will give me at the proper time, but i will gladly suffer for Her so he can mark me with the stripes She wishes to decorate my body with for Her viewing pleasure.

95. i will always listen with a strong interest in whatever my Goddess has to say during my training. i want to learn all that i can from Her so i can understand more about Her, about me, and so that I can better serve my Goddess. – so i may be able to better understand the world i am apart of and be able to communicate it accurately to anyone who wishes to know more about it.

96. When i take a shower i can do so the way i like to, but when i have finished washing i must rinse my entire body with only cold water for not less than 2 full minutes. i am not to try to cover my body with my arms and hands thereafter. i may use a towel to dry off, but in my Goddesses house – only Her whip shall be used to dry me.

97. When i walk, sit, stand, kneel, reach out, speak, or listen – i will do so in a feminine manner, however subtle, and with confidence and pride hoping other females around me will feel my projection upon them, that my performance is found admirable, that they would seek to emulate me without any of their insecurities or self-conscious thoughts holding them back. I want to set the best example of proper female behavior – especially if Goddess or someone She has chosen is nearby to examine and monitor it. However, my goal must be to behave as naturally and freely as is possible as if without any effort on my part.

98. When standing still i shall do so with my feet and legs together, my hands held behind my back and my head bowed down. i will remain silent in the way Goddess has taught me.

99. If required: the plug Goddess has provided me with must be inserted deeply into my vagina before arriving at my Goddesses house or Lair, or shortly upon arrival. Failure to do so and i shall feel the punishment She will inflict upon my pale white bottom , for the plug was intended to provide my Goddess with pleasure and also to act as a constant reminder of my female slavery.

100. i hope Goddess will choose to use my tongue as a tool to clean her clothing, shoes, toilet and to provide her with pleasure.

101. Until Goddess has determined that it is time for me to wear a more permanent mark of ownership upon my flesh, i shall proudly wear Her temporary mark of ownership upon me wherever She chooses to place it.

102. When sitting i shall sit up straight with my legs apart and my palms up on the top of my thighs.

103. i will not speak to others without my Owners permission except to say to them that they will have to speak to my Goddess first. This is especially important when my Goddess takes me out in public...

104. i shall learn to the endure the whippings Goddess gives me while gagged by using the technique of remaining silent through each strike brought down upon my flesh.

105. i shall gladly make my body available to my Goddess to be used as furniture: my body positioned to decorate a room or a garden, a footstool to rest Her weary feet and legs upon, my backside as a Her table to eat off of, the cleavage of my breasts to hold Her glass, my palms to be used to hold a plate of Her food, or my hands to hold a book open for Her to read or a lamp for Her to see.

106. Privacy is a privilege which must be earned – even to have it when i need to use the bathroom. i must ask for it and accept my Owners decision even when i am denied of it.

107. As a domestic house slave i shall preform all chores as directed by my Goddess, and if I don't clean to my Owners standards I will be immediately punished by my Goddess until I learn to achieve perfection...I will be taught by my Goddess to clean properly...

108. As a preparer slave i shall ready other female Dominants to utilize me as my Owner sees fit...

109. As a cleaner slave i shall use my tongue to clean my Owners cock, and any useless fluids for my forced draining..

110. As a provider slave i shall offer parts of my body to those elected by my Goddess for their pleasure. i will also offer myself to those who wish to use me for a demonstration or to experiment on, and only when my Goddess is present and gives her permission....

111. As a domestic slave i shall also perform house chores for other dominant females of my Owners choosing , all the while acting in a sexual and enticing manner in all that i do.

112. As a sex slave i shall incorporate a sexual attitude and hunger in everything i do, being eager to sexually perform at the best of my abilities for my Goddess and for those whom She allows to use me. my hunger must be such that i would feel as if i could never be satiated until my Goddess allows me to be.

113. The beginning and the ending of a day shall always be with a punishment and a forced draining to remind me of my place or to provide myself to my Goddess for Her first and last use of me for the day.

114. When i have been given permission to drain myself with my Owner present and for her pleasure I shall do so in the following manner: I shall remove my steel cage, apply lotion to my right hand, making myself erect, stopping for two minutes, again making myself erect, again stopping for two minutes and wait until my Goddess provides me with a cue to drain myself of my worthless male fluids and of any desires which do not relate directly to my Goddess..Should I drain before my Owners cue – i will be immediately and firmly punished by my Goddess and placed in strict denial until further notice...

115. Should Goddess ever wish to cage me for display, i will gladly crawl into it and proudly position myself in it in ways Goddess finds pleasing, in gagged solitude and quiet, so that if She chooses, others may delight in what they see without any interruption from me, seeing that i am well-behaved and humbled that i am my Owners property and trained female slave. i can only hope that Goddess would put me into a cage to confine me for my misbehavior and also to stored me away for Her further use. The cage will also be used as one of the places where I will be required to sleep, If required I will be chained and padlocked to the foot of my Owners bed so that I can be summoned by her bell at any moment to fulfill my Owners needs or desires.. Of course my Goddess will leave a bowl of water or nectar on the floor to keep her slave girl hydrated, as well as a chamber pot so that her slave does not soil the floor...

116. I will never be free to leave my Goddess at any time and I know that I am shackled and bound to my Goddess forever.

117. My Goddess has chosen several names which she calls me Property, Slave, Lesbian Slave Girl, Slut, Slut Dog amongst others of her liking, I may only refer to myself as slave, property, lesbian slave, it, and slave dog...Once my Owner is ready she will provide me with my permanent female name...Therefore, when someone asks who i am i can respond by introducing myself in the following manner: “i am slave [slavename], property of Goddess Geneviθve.

118. i will periodically examine my whole life and look for how it has changed as a result of my relationship to my Goddess. i will speak to my Goddess about those areas where there have been improvements and discuss ways in which I can better serve my Goddess, how i should behave, or how i can behave in a manner that is different than how i have been behaving in the past.

119. i want to suffer for my Goddess in ways that please and bring pride to Her.

120. i will not be passive in serving my Goddess. i will aggressively participate in my exchange with Her so as to please her..

121. If i am required to serve another Dominant female, only with my Goddess present – i will serve that Dominant Female well, as if She were a Goddess, for i want my Goddess to receive a good report after i have completed my required service...

122. Should Goddess wish for my breasts to be suckled and tortured, or to suck the cock of a female dominant of Her choice, then that is the option and command of my Goddess, as a trained lesbian slave girl I will fully comply without any hesitation...

123. i will not engage in any form of sexual contact with others without permission and approval from my Goddess. If I am given permission to do so, I am required to provide my Goddess with a full report...Otherwise I will live a life of chastity and be at the beckoned call of my Goddess.

124. The money i earn, is mine to keep. However, I must provide for my Owners needs and wants, I will also determine and implement a way to care for my Goddess in the event I am not able to be of service to her as I know that my Goddess is exclusive to me and I am responsible for her..

125. If i am ever wearing a dress or skirt and no panties and i am going to sit down – i must sit on my bare skin – and do so gracefully whether i am in private or in public. If i feel that i am not as clean as i should be, i will tell my Goddess, so that She can decide what should be done.

126. When i wear nylons i will wear them only with garters and high heels. i will only wear panty hose if the crotch is cut out to accommodate the cold steel chastity device which contains my useless male pussy pole..

127. When i am in the presence of my Goddess and i am free to move about i will do so in seductive and enticing ways.

128. I have given Goddess my body, mind and spirit, in faith of Her knowledge of the skills, safety and first aid measures necessary to put me through painfully ecstatic and euphoric edge play. She will throw me into higher states of consciousness with breath control to bring me to the edge of my survival to feel the battle for my self-preservation; tight bondage and any other forms of control and humiliation to intensify my awareness of my existence. Through these activities i shall learn to conquer my fears and bring pleasure and pride to my beloved Goddess.

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